Stephanie & John
    11 months planning 8 skypes con calls 7 hours que running 5 times meeting 2 food testings 70 pax of guests with tons of love and an elephant! Stephanie & John’s big day was another special day we love. So warmth & welcome, surrounded with loves. Thank you Steph & John for trusting in us and sharing clear ideas so could see how you imagine. We are sooooo glad to be a part of your wonderful party. Special Thanks! K. Chanida, Phoon & Lui's family for the warm welcome for all of us. Maewhan Valley's crew, you are so pro. Shangri-La Hotel, Chiang Mai, for a strong support. You team was amazing! Blackitch Catering Service by Chef Black - you blast again! Thanks for hit the theme we were looking for ^_^ big hugs for you!