Anni & Vic
    This lovely couples flew from China to held a 2-nights wedding party, ceremony & reception in Chiang Mai, the city they met, fell in love and proposed. The more romantic thing was they asked their friend, the owner of the restaurant they proposed, to be their celebrant. Only closed families and friend are joining this happy moments of laughters and tears. We are so happy to have an opportunity to take care of their blissful times. Thought there was some rain accidentally came without showing in the forecast, but luckily it rained only in the gap btw the break so we still have time to managed and fixed things up before started the wonderful dinner. Thanks team for all supporting and also the hotel staffs, especially P' Tan and San for always being there for us. Finally, without the bride and groom, who let us enjoy managed everything in our way. Big cheers for Anni and Vic! Wish you all the best :-)